Your Content Management System And Blog Aren’t Exactly The Same

Content management systems are growing in its significance and popularity due to its ease-of use and the way they have revolutionized the way websites are  created. Blogs, on the other hand, are gaining prominence with the increased habit of writing online. Many consider Content management system as an umbrella  term, including everything from a website, blog, forum within it. There are online site builder and web editors apart from this.

Choosing CMS Over Standalone Site Builder

Sometime back, people used to design websites on their computer before transferring to the internet. This had to be done by downloading the offline version of  site builder and then start designing the website. This methodology will be more of a designing, rather than that of developing. With a CMS, this task is now made  much easier with templates and plug-ins. The quality of the final output also has improved greatly.

Increased Usage Of Web Logs (blog)

Blogging software for the most part is considered as a subset of CMS software. They are mostly like the Content management system except that they have  fewer features since they are designed primarily for only writing articles. Nowadays, though, the features of some blogging software have increased to such an  extent that they should probably be considered as a full fledged CMS. Because of this very reason of increased features is that the number of bloggers and blogs have increased.

Which Will Suit You Best?

A business definitely needs a website, but a person may not exactly need a website, but could even have his purpose served through a blog. So, for choosing  between a blog and CMS, one must first get clarity on what he plans to do with the website/blog by answering these questions. Will you be adding new pages to  your website regularly? Will you be working with many different computers? Do you want total control over the appearance of your website? Do you want your  users to have their own member pages? Does your website have multiple authors?

If the answer to all these questions is YES, then you ought to go for a CMS and website. If some answers are yes and some no, then choose between a CMS  and blog for yourself. For newcomers, it will be best to start with an offline web editor, which makes designing easier to grasp. Afterwards, you shall go for a CMS or blogging software.

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Business Logo Designing Trends For 2015

Logo designing is no small thing. The size of it may be small, but the impact and utility of logo are multitude. It requires planning, strategy, nutshell communication, vision, aesthetics and many more. From the days of telegram mail, through the wave of digital communication and into current scenario, logo design has superbly transformed, modified. Now we shall see some of the latest trends which are witnessed in the logo design arena.

Abstract, Sharp Design With Basic Shapes

The usage of abstract images, brush strokes any similar design elements is increasing. It lends certain character and quality to the company image. Also the logo design using certain basic shapes are also used more now-a-days. Corporate businesses are preferring these type of logo designs. Take for example Deli, Bosco, Ascer which all use either abstract type or basic shape in their logos.

Basic shapes have the ability to create incredible impact in logo designing. Simple silhouette-like identifications can pore to be highly posh. There’s something about the contemporary, crisp, handcrafted typographic logos that really hit bulls’ eye when it comes to grasping the audience attention.

Custom letter Forms, Stenciled Typography

The custom letter forms and stenciled typography are also regaining its lost predominance. Both these styles were not used much for a while now. But, after some time the stenciled logos are becoming popular. There’s a reason that a large quantity of once hand-cut fonts are still until today, including favorite Helvetica. These fonts are beautiful forms grounded in fundamentals, technical competence and aesthetic idea.

The stenciled typography has its own set of admirers. Perhaps what remains in the mechanical usage of stencil letter forms is its basic gist. A stencil is utilitarian, down-to-earth and very much suitable for printing. These attributes are ones any logo designer should possess.

As the final trend prediction, 2015 will surely witness more of the current trends that got design to where it is at present. But creativity will remain the mainstay of all these things. At Rarefly, we believe in reliable partnership with our clients and have served worldwide leaders in various industries across the globe. We have our flags high in the logo designing service, to exceed the client’s expectations and attain complete satisfaction.

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Whole Internet Is Turning To Video-Based Content. What About Your Company?

A study shows that the internet traffic is more and more relying on video-based content for some time now. That trend is going to increase further in the future. The sharing of videos and data penetration fuels this fast growth of video content. Some corporates shy away from using this latest video-based content for obvious reasons such as brand name, professional image and marketing ethics. The production cost and quality of these corporate and explaining videos is also a reason behind many companies not opting to the usage of videos.

Style Determines The Video Production Company

The management team and the marketers are at the helm of deciding what kind of video to make, produce and where to make them. There are some artistic companies, budding freelancers, experienced and corporate video producers. This decision of what company to go for decides the final output in a major fashion. The IT managers will have a vision on how to present the video and where to show/share the video. There are various avenues in which a single video could be published and viewed. So the marketers shouldn’t get overwhelmed by these number of avenues and post the videos everywhere. But instead they should restrain themselves by posting only in the relevant platforms.

Usage Of Graphics, Animation And Fast Motion

The commercials are engaging because of their swift motion, graphics and at times animation. But whatever may be the amount of graphics, animation, the video and content should be engaging to the audience and they should be genuinely interested in the video completely. The information to be conveyed should also be conveyed completely without any compromises.

The corporate video presentations thus are effective, only if used well and considering all the aspects and stakeholders involved. The corporate video presentation services in Chennai are done by many companies, but only few among them are competent enough.

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Video Presentation Finding Its Way Into The Corporate Businesses

There was a period when the corporate sector would shy away from all the latest trends and updates. But, now a days the corporate businesses are not hesitant to adopt themselves to the emerging strategies and trends. Video presentation before some ten or twenty years were considered as not-so-corporate with respect to their style and branding. But with the entry of next-gen corporate leaders the scenario is fast changing and new practices are finding its way into the corporate way of working style.

Half-Hearted Attempt Is Complete Failure

The top level executive and management team will have many personalities with different designations. They tend to vary among them many times. This leads to accommodating more than one person’s view point to make the video appealing to everyone. But the corporate people need to understand a thing that video is a creative work and that it should not be manufactured completely. If its done that way, then it might not be engaging and interesting to the viewers and audience.

Shorter And Laughter Are Two Eyes For Engaging Audience

The corporate presentation need to be precise, trying to be restrain while populating the information. The attention span of the audience is lowering day-by-day and the video presentation makers should keep this in mind. Shorter videos even though might be less effective will not bore the audience to death. Another important aspect is trying to be light hearted at the base without loading with heavy words. Small gags kind of laughter within video will enhance the effect of the video in toto.

Let Go The Slides Baggage

Corporate videos are definitely not the slides in a slide show with a background music. Many chief officers still live in the era of presentations and they find it difficult to switch to video format. This makes the video a fast forward motion of pictures. This should be first changed and the new mindset of video creation ought to be adopted by all means and at all corporate presentations.

It is also highly important to think about the future utilities for the corporate presentation video. A television commercial is frequently telecaster in a passive manner. In another case, between breaks during favorite television sitcoms it comes. The Internet video presentation, on the other hand is usually more engaging. Users are seeking out particular information and they are engaged to it as they want to view it by themselves.

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Trade-Off Between Affordability And Quality In Graphic Design

The graphic designing is becoming costlier day-by-day. Very soon it runs the risk of being categorized as a costly activity suitable only for bigger companies and businesses. But, on the other hand there are many graphic designing companies starting over throughout India and to be particular, in Chennai. Here comes the quality versus affordability factor into the play. Some companies are publicizing themselves as affordable graphic design company providing cost effective service.

The Improving Expectation And Standards

With the advent of globalization and the lessening distance between the boundaries, the expectation of the companies and businesses from the graphic designers are increasing everyday. The standard and final output of the graphic designers is also improving alongside. There is a mismatch at times between the expectation and design standard. But, they are also influenced by the cost of service provided. The whole Asian continent, among which many countries are becoming technology hub where the metropolitan cities are setting the standard for that particular area. In south India both Bangalore and Chennai are hubs of graphic design companies. Both the centers are different in their sensibility, standard, pricing and work style.

Are Less Costly Output Of Lesser Standard?

The general notion in a market economy is that the pricing and quality are directly proportional with the costlier products known to have better quality and output. The graphic design companies work with having their clientele, portfolio and reputation as the base. So, the graphic design companies during their initial stage will be cautious to bill lower for some bigger clients if the future prospect is bright. So, the proportionality between pricing and quality cannot be concrete with all the companies. It should be taken on a case-by-case basis. Some start-ups provide extraordinary output for a minimal cost whereas the case is vice versa for some giants due to lethargic nature.

The Companies Embracing Updates On Their Way

The companies which are comparatively younger are faster and more enthralling to update themselves with the latest trend and technology. The corporates shy away from updating with the notion that they might lose the branding they had built for long. The updates are both with the technology and with the designing standard, contemporary practices round the world and so on.

The trade-off between the pricing and quality is definitely not completely true for all cases. It might be the case in some instances, but the generalization can’t be acceptable for all companies and clients. Thus the company and design ought to be decided as per the particular requirement elicitation.

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Reading Blogs On Web Development Improves The Output Quality

Many of the website development companies are maintaining their own blog for many purposes. The blogs are maintained by diverse people right from content marketing team to Search engine optimization team. These blogs are primarily focused to increase traffic, attract queries, improve potential leads. They have some additional purposes too apart from these. When it comes to website designing and web development companies, they are diverse and are ranging wide from a start-up with less than 10 employees to a corporate giant with more than 200 employees.

Dedicated Blogs Associated With The Website

These companies are having their own website and their primary blog posts are associated with this website. There are some blogs maintained by the Digital marketing team apart from this blog for Search engine optimization purposes, lead generation, publicizing activity. These blogs’ content are readied by a dedicated team of creative content writers in most cases. The information in these blogs are of varied nature, and there are some special blogs which use unique, non-plagiarized content. These blogs do prove to be useful for the reader.

Unique And Engaging Blog Content

The blog posts and their promotional activities are part of the digital marketing to carried out for a company. Here, in Anna nagar the web development companies are abundant and are finding themselves among stiff competition. Therefore there is also a similar competition for quality content among the few available sources. The engaging factor of a blog post too is important for the companies’ blog posts since it reflects the popularity of the content and by extension the website itself.

Learning And Improving From The Blogs

The blog posts at times can serve as excellent learning material. It helps to keep oneself updated with the latest trends and practices. So, this will reflect n the quality of the content and the website. The design trends are still more important in that sense. Many blog posts provide valuable information on the latest trends to be practiced for the work.

Thus the blog posts and its content are gaining significant importance among the net users all around. The blog posts are now only improving in India, but it is going in the right direction. The blog posts at times are tad too in the marketing tone and it needs to be gauged so that it does not becomes too much for the user.

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How A Video Presentation Effectively Engages The Audience

Picture speaks 1000 words is a saying. So, how much meaning could a video streaming at a speed of 24 pictures per second provide to its viewer. The recent survey proves that a video has the highest level of engagement than any other medium. An effectively made, well presented video hooks up the audience right from the beginning till its very end completely. Corporate organizations are now-a-days preferring video presentation than the sliders.

Cutting edge video editing softwares

The video editing softwares available in the market are of cutting edge technology. They are designed in the manner, where they are able to pull off any type and quality of work. The interactive video are on the rise. The annotations and captions are making it easy for the video editors to add an interaction angle to the video. The reach which one could gain through a video content can never be matched .

The video confined to its context

Gone are the days where the marketing in general and videos in particular are made for all audience without target. At present, the marketing and presentation are planned and focused to the core. Another thing is that the video is made for only one purpose with limited generic elements within it. The marketing video is made separately from that of a corporate presentation video or a employee briefing video.

Indian video editing standards

The professional video editing companies in India in general, and Chennai in particular are cropping gradually. The video presentation companies in Chennai are getting to improve their standard and video editing style. The contemporary global companies are updating themselves too. The expectation and sensibility of Indian audience is starkly different from that of global audience. So, one cant be sure that if an idea works in a western market, then it would surely work in our Indian market too.
The market scenario for the video presentation as a service still has a long way to go. It is mostly combined and associated with related services as a package. The branding operation which starts during inception will have further rounds of execution after some years. The video presentation too will be a part of it. Another aspect of the video presentation is that the videos, which are made once need to be re-worked every once in a while. The content is first, and the style and presentation are next when it comes to the order of priority.