Tips For Excellent Logo Graphic Design

Know Who You’re Designing For

You are not the client; your client isn’t the client either. Understand who the end users are, the people who will interact with your work every day, and design to those users. Your goal should be to inspire the loyalists and convert the detractors.

Stay True To The Brand

It’s rare to start with a blank slate; there may be visual elements that already exist and simply need to be dusted off and updated. Ask yourself if there are any visual elements worth keeping. If there are, don’t stop till you find a fresh, new way of expressing those elements.

Ideas Come First

Push yourself to generate ideas—lots of ideas—don’t get caught up iterating on a single concept. Don’t fall in love with the first idea that pops into your head. Always question if you can push the work further. Focus on the craft only when you have some solid ideas.

Stick To The Process (don’t Take Shortcuts)

For most clients, going through the process of creating a new logo is an uncommon and unfamiliar activity. They need to be educated and brought along as you progress. Take the time to do the necessary research, understand the business, dig into the competitors (today’s and future), listen attentively to what people say. And always connect your work to the business.

Keep It Simple

Often the hardest part is avoiding the pressure to pile more and more into the design. Instead, strip away everything you can until you are down to the essential idea. Stay focused on that one, strong idea, expressed as simply as possible. Trust your gut (but don’t take yourself too seriously).

These tips will be helpful for all the graphic designers. The trends of logo design changes every now and then, but these tips will remain relevant for a long period.

I am the Digital marketing manager of Rarefly and I post blogs related to our services and at times information oriented. Our range of services include Website development, Branding, SEO, SMM and Designing among others. For more detail, please click here.


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