The Importance Of Requirement Gathering In Design Projects

Requirements gathering is the act of trying to understand a problem by talking to a selection of actual and potential users, is common place in nearly all design projects. The success of any IT project is determined at the beginning of the project life cycle, when the IT staff meets with business clients to gather requirements. According to some statistics, poor requirements gathering is the cause of about 70% of today’s technology project failures. In most cases it is up to the project team to work with the client and users to extract, analyze and document what the requirements are. Rarely only client deliver the requirements in a neat and structured way ready for the team to estimate and deliver.

Why You Should Collaborate On Design?

Clients are not experts in design or the web. They feel out of their depth in the process, and so they attempt to gain some measure of control. The more designers exclude or resist them, the more concerned they become and the more control they try to exert. By collaborating with them on the design, two things could be accomplished. They get a sense of control, and get educated about the design process. This allays clients’ fears because the process will no longer be unknown to them.

Ask Without Assuming

If designers concentrate on asking questions rather than making statements or not responding at all, they avoid two common errors that IT professionals make: making assumptions and forming arguments. If the designer have any doubt about understanding something, ask for clarification to check your understanding. There are easy conversation starters that can encourage a natural flow of communication that will help while getting down to the designing.

Specify What Is Out Of scope And Analyze The Problem

Specifically focus on and write down items that are out of scope. Make it as explicit as possible and clearly draw up the boundaries between what you will and what you will not deliver. Agree with the senior stakeholders what the overall problem is that your product is there to resolve. Drill down and identify the problems behind the problem. Prioritize them and document them.

Requirement gathering is extremely effective at communicating scope. Business process models can help reach a common understanding with stakeholders and developers about what is intended to be accomplished by it. Thus requirement gathering is very important in any design project.

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